The Best Fishing Spots and Tournaments in the Caribbean
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Ahoy, fishing enthusiasts! The Caribbean isn’t just about sun-kissed beaches and cocktails with tiny umbrellas. It’s a paradise for anglers, offering some of the world’s best deep-sea fishing spots and thrilling tournaments. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie with a reel, this guide will navigate you through the Caribbean’s fishing hotspots.

1. The Bahamas: The Billfish Capital

The Bahamas, with its 700 islands, is a playground for anglers. Renowned for its billfish, especially the blue marlin, it’s a top destination for deep-sea fishing. Popular spots include Bimini, often referred to as the ‘Big Game Fishing Capital of the Bahamas’, and Chub Cay in the Berry Islands.

Highlight Tournament: The annual Bahamas Billfish Championship attracts anglers from around the world, competing for the coveted title and hefty cash prizes.

2. Puerto Rico: A Deep-Sea Dream

The deep waters off Puerto Rico’s coast are teeming with game fish. From blue marlin to wahoo and dorado, the variety is astounding. San Juan and Fajardo are the primary hubs for chartering fishing trips.

Highlight Tournament: The International Billfish Tournament in San Juan is one of the oldest in the Caribbean and a must-attend for serious anglers.

3. Grand Cayman: Reef and Wreck Fishing

Grand Cayman offers a unique blend of deep-sea, reef, and wreck fishing. The island’s surrounding waters are rich in snapper, grouper, and the elusive bonefish.

Highlight Tournament: The Barcadere Classic is a family-friendly event that celebrates the island’s rich fishing heritage.

4. St. Lucia: Blue Marlin Territory

The waters around St. Lucia are a haven for blue marlin. The island’s west coast, particularly areas around Soufrière and Rodney Bay, are prime fishing spots.

Highlight Tournament: The St. Lucia Billfish Tournament is a major event on the island’s fishing calendar, drawing participants from across the globe.

5. Barbados: Year-Round Fishing Action

Barbados offers consistent fishing opportunities throughout the year. While marlin is the star attraction, anglers can also reel in tuna, wahoo, and sailfish.

Highlight Tournament: The Barbados International Fishing Tournament is a five-day event that’s part of the Southern Caribbean Billfish Circuit.

6. Trinidad and Tobago: Angler’s Paradise

These twin islands offer diverse fishing experiences. Trinidad’s north coast is perfect for trolling, while Tobago’s Buccoo Reef is a hotspot for tarpon.

Highlight Tournament: The Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament is a major event, attracting participants keen on capturing the ‘big one’.

7. Dominican Republic: The Fishing Mecca

The Dominican Republic, especially areas like Punta Cana and Cap Cana, is renowned for its fishing spots. White and blue marlin, mahi-mahi, and yellowfin tuna are abundant in these waters.

Highlight Tournament: The Cap Cana Classic is a prestigious event, drawing international anglers competing for top honors.


The Caribbean is a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts. With its rich marine biodiversity, crystal-clear waters, and world-class tournaments, it offers unparalleled angling adventures. So, grab your fishing gear, charter a boat, and set sail for the Caribbean’s fishing hotspots. Tight lines!

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