The Caribbean's Most Haunted and Mysterious Places
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The Caribbean, with its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, is often associated with paradise. However, beyond the sun and sand, the islands are steeped in history, legends, and mysteries. From haunted plantations to eerie forts, let’s embark on a spine-chilling journey to some of the Caribbean’s most haunted and mysterious places.

Rose Hall Great House, Jamaica

Nestled in Montego Bay, the Rose Hall Great House is one of Jamaica’s most famous plantations, primarily because of the legend of the White Witch. It’s said that Annie Palmer, the former mistress of the house, practiced dark magic and tormented her slaves. Visitors often report sightings of her ghost wandering the property.

Château Dubuc, Martinique

The ruins of Château Dubuc in Martinique are a testament to the island’s colonial past. Legend has it that the Dubuc family, who once lived here, were involved in piracy and black magic. The ruins, overlooking the Caravelle Peninsula, are said to be haunted by the spirits of slaves who once worked on the estate.

St. George’s Fort, Grenada

This historic fort, perched on a hill overlooking the capital city, has witnessed many battles and deaths. The dungeons, where prisoners were once kept, are said to be haunted. Visitors have reported hearing mysterious footsteps and seeing apparitions of soldiers.

Chacachacare Island, Trinidad and Tobago

Once a leper colony and later a nunnery, Chacachacare Island is now abandoned. The island is said to be haunted by the spirits of the lepers and the nuns who cared for them. The eerie silence, dilapidated buildings, and the old chapel add to the island’s mysterious aura.

The Chase Vault, Barbados

Located in the Christ Church Parish, the Chase Vault is one of the most puzzling mysteries in the Caribbean. Coffins inside this burial vault were said to move inexplicably. Despite several investigations, no logical explanation has been found, leading many to believe that supernatural forces are at play.

Fort Charlotte, St. Vincent

Built by the British in the 18th century, Fort Charlotte offers panoramic views of Kingstown. However, its beauty is contrasted by its dark history. The fort’s dungeons, where prisoners were once tortured, are believed to be haunted. Ghostly apparitions and unexplained noises are common tales among visitors.

Casa Blanca, Puerto Rico

Built for the family of the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de León, Casa Blanca in Old San Juan is one of the oldest existing structures in the Americas. Over the centuries, it has garnered a reputation for being haunted. The spirit of a woman, believed to be de León’s daughter, is often seen wandering the gardens.


The Caribbean, with its rich history, is a treasure trove of mysteries waiting to be explored. These haunted and mysterious places offer a different kind of adventure for those looking to delve into the unknown. So, if you’re in the mood for some chills and thrills, the Caribbean has plenty in store for you.

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